Quarter 4 CALENDAR Weeks 1-3

Week 1:

Monday April 4th : Staff Work Day

Tuesday April 5th:  Student Registration Day

Wednesday April 6th:  First Day of Q4:  Syllabus/Calendar Review   *key dates*

Thursday April 7th: Started TED Talk: We Need to Talk About an Injustice

Friday April 8th: Assignment: Finish watching the TED Talk and compose a 200-300 word reflection


Week 2: 

Monday April 11th : Handout Quarter 4 Check-list Pleas complete the outlined items in the order of your choice as a final to-do list for Quarter 4

Tuesday April 12th: All-School Field Trip to College Fair

Wednesday April 13th:  Kate Fay (ALC Resource Coordinator) visited to share what volunteer opportunities she has for LNAS JAG students to participate in Assignment: Email Becky with the plan you have to complete your 5 required hours of service for Quarter 4

Thursday April 14th:  Students logged in to My Life Plan and reviewed the list of tasks they might need to complete before the end of the school year

Friday April 15th:  Field trip to All My Relations Gallery

Week 3:

Monday April 18th:  Assignment: Field Trip Reflection from Ally My Relations Gallery: Two paragraph feedback/insights/likes/dislikes

Tuesday April 19th:  Meal Planning for LSS Service Project

Wednesday April 20th:  Portfolio Check-list …final shopping list ….My Life Plan

Thursday April 21st:Portfolio Work / Check-List / My Life Plan

Friday April 22nd:  COOKING for LSS Service Project

Week 4:

Monday April 25th:  JAG Minneapolis Conference Bus Pick up 8:30 …back around 2:15

-You select the workshops you want

-Optional competitions for awards/prizes

-Optional National Guard Climbing Wall activity *bring a change of clothes

Dress Code: Business Casual          Food Provided

Tuesday April 26th: Assignment Conference Reflection/Feedback 1 page double-spaced emailed to Becky

Wednesday April 27th: LNAS Half-Day  NO JAG CLASS

Thursday April 28th: Field Trip to M.I.A. Assignment: Email Becky a description of your FAVORITE piece of work and WHY you liked it

Friday April 29: NO JAG CLASS



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