Thursday, Feb. 4th

Step 1: Please make sure you have copied over the entire PowerPoint from yesterday’s class:

7 Financial Baby Steps

Step 2: Turn in the blue reading guide from Chapter 1: Super Saving

Step 3:  Track – Your – Spending Assignment:

Starting today, please track ALL of your expenses for one week. Please do so each day through Wednesday of next week.  HOW you organize your report is up to you. Some ideas would be to create a Word/Google DOC and add to it each day, you could also create a note on your phone or start an email to add to each day. Please show K or Becky what format you decide on by the end of class today.


Thursday, Feb 4th

Item Description             Cost

McDonald’s                       $6.50

Bus                                      $1.25

Total:                                    $7.75

I also need you to list the BILLS you are responsible for each month. You might not have to pay that bill this week – but it is something you have to pay in February.

Phone Bill? Rent? Utility? Gas Money? Food?

Step 4: Select or create a budget template you would like to use to create your personal budget.  I have attached the budget template I use each month-you don’t have to use the same example – feel free to search for or create a template that will work for you.


Feel free to Google Search for budget templates to find a variety of options.  Please show K or Becky your decided budget template at the end of class today.



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